Breastfeeding and working? Make it work!

It’sBreast Pumps and Business Suits: A Practical guide to Breastfeeding and Working (e-book) here: everything you need to make a success of breastfeeding and working, in one easy-to-read, easy-to-do book.

Breastfeeding moms today face quite a conundrum: we want to give our babies the best, and yet we often have to go back to the office long before we’re ready to wean. Here’s the good news: your baby doesn’t have to lose out – it’s possible to keep breastfeeding and working a full-time job, and this book will show you exactly how.

As a Lactation Consultant – and, more importantly, a mom who spent many years breastfeeding while working full-time – I know this game inside-out. Breast Pumps and Business Suits puts all those years of experience together in one easy-to-read book. No matter whether you’re still pregnant, or whether you’re already back at work and experiencing challenges, you will find answers here!

Click here to buy the book on Amazon Kindle. And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle – you can download their free app and use it to read on any mobile device – so you’ll have your playbook in your pocket when you go back to work!