Breast milk to go

All about expressing breast milk and handling expressed breast milk.

How to pump more breast milk

In today’s world, with working moms and short maternity leave, pumping has become a major part of our breastfeeding journeys. And let’s just get honest for a moment: pumping can be really hard! Sometimes pumping enough milk seems like an…
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Pumping 101: how to use a breast pump

Pumping breast milk for the first time can be quite daunting. How does this pump work? Which settings should I use? How hard, how often and for how long should I pump? This post will answer all those questions. First things…
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Cup feeding: when baby can’t breastfeed

In a society where we are used to bottles, it seems strange to suggest cup feeding that you feed a small baby with a cup. When I first started studying breastfeeding as a student, I was amazed to hear that…
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Breast Pumps: a Beginner’s Guide

There’s a wide variety of breast pumps on the market. I’ve often seen pregnant women standing in the pharmacy, checking out the pumps for sale and looking very perplexed. I don’t blame them! In this post I will share a…
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How to make a Pumping Bra

A pumping bra is a very useful article of clothing if you need to pump often. Its main function is to free up your hands: the bra keeps the pump flanges in the correct position on your breasts, so that…
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